During the month of July 2012, emails were sent to individuals and institutions throughout West Texas, explaining the project and requesting assistance promoting participation. A call for entries was then prepared and distributed throughout West Texas.

On that call for entries and on this website, the following parameters were stated:

- The New West Texas Sky Project date is the twenty four hours of September 29, 2012 (local timezones apply).

- Participation is open to anyone in West Texas, defined as on or west of 99° W Longitude (roughly Abilene, TX) and within the Texas border.

- On the set date, any participant must make a photograph of the sky.

- Each participant is limited to the submission of one sky photograph.

- One photographic image, approximately 4 x 6 inches at 72 dpi, must be uploaded along the location of the photograph (either a description including the city name or GPS co-ordinates), and a statement or metadata assuring that the image was taken on September 29, 2012. Images and information must be uploaded to (redacted) on or before October 4, 2012. Any images sent without the supporting information may not be part of the Sky Project.

- Any participant in The New West Texas Sky Project agrees, through their participation, to permit unlimited reproduction and distribution of their sky image by and for the Sky Project.

- By participating, each individual agrees that images and supporting documentation will become part of The New West Texas Sky Project Archive, and can be reproduced and used in any public exhibitions.