// The New West Texas Sky Project

The New West Texas Sky Project is an investigation into collective image making, image ownership, and distribution.

This is the online archive of The New West Texas Sky Project [thenewskyproject.com], a collective image making event that took place on September 29, 2012, in West Texas (defined as on or west of 99° W Longitude, roughly Abilene, TX, and within the Texas border.) 642 people made and uploaded images for this archive.

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The original West Texas Sky Project began on November 12, 1957, under the shadow of the launch of Sputnik and the threat of nuclear war, as an artists’ movement to reclaim the sky. Hundreds of West Texas residents photographed the sky that day, selected one of their images, and presented them in photo albums that toured the local and regional museums and universities. This continued annually until 1965, when interest largely faded. Infighting over the future of the project and its records during the culture wars of the 1980’s prefigured the catastrophic fire in June 2000 that consumed the documentation of prior sky surveys.

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For more information, please contact Zach Nader | zach@zachnader.com